Dispelling Rumors

It has come to my attention that there are those folks out there wondering of the identity/identities of who is behind several sites/postings both here and other places.

All I can tell you is, this site is run largely by one person. Myself. At least, until someone expresses an interest in posting as a guest blogger, or offers material intended to relate to the upcoming Question on the 2010 Maryland Ballot.

I am not related in any way with the O’MalleyWatch2010 site, although I do frequent it as a reader and message poster. I do not know who is behind the creation/administration of that site. And what is more, that person is not responsible for this site.

The sole purpose of this site is to educate the Maryland public of an upcoming event that they may consider useful when the time comes to vote in November, 2010. That’s it. No politicking is allowed here, this is a non-partisan site.

Informative. That’s what I want for everyone. And only that.


2 Responses

  1. Who cares who runs it? Remember Publius?

  2. Apparently someone does.
    I had inadvertently found a short message thread on the Baltimore Sunpapers message board asking this.
    Apparently, the timeframe from one of my prior posts to the next one had coincided with the timeframe that Martin Watcher went on a 2 week hiatus.

    And lo and behold, some thought that MW and I were the same person.

    Imagine that.

    So some are apparently still digging into that immortal question (as I heard Ron Smith ask it a couple times) – “Are you Martin Watcher” – with a few callers into his talk show.

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