Does this affect our electric bill?

Okay, in the space-time continuum of one day, two of our state senators call for an investigation into the legality of compensation for CEO Mayo Shattuck.Spinning Yet?

The next day, the AG’s office says he will look into it.

Here’s my question.

Will any reduction of the CEO’s $16M pay alleviate any of our electric rates?

And no, not being facetious. But the better expenditure of time and energy on the part of our legislature would be, I would think, looking for ways to bring in better competition and more power sources to HELP OUR STATE TAX-PAYING CITIZENS.

What do you say?


Money Back If Not Satisfied

Think that will be the case if your application is turned down?

Ask the Baltimore Fire Department.

Can you afford to lose $10 or $30? In this economy?

Cronyism? Or Bad Policy?

With today’s news of Brian D. Morris (who accepted a $175K un-advertised job) now leaving that job, one has to wonder just why City School Chief Roberto Alonso would risk such controversy.

If the position had been advertised, as the union complained it hadn’t been, perhaps this situation could have been avoided. On the other hand, if Mr. Morris hadn’t had the financial problems (greatly detailed in the Sunpapers) perhaps this also would not have sparked such a furor.

So what two problems can be fixed here?

If there is not such a policy within the City School Administration for such a 6-figure position (or ANY position) about advertising the post, then there should be. And it should be followed to the letter regardless of rank.

And applicants should be properly vetted, to prevent such an embarrassment as this situation has shown.

As for Mr. Morris, it would seem he has a lot of financial clean up to do – at least, according to the Sunpapers. One would ask just why, and how, a person with such problems could, or should, become such a high ranking person in a field meant to instill proper education in its customers.

Our children and yours.

518 Days From Now

Since today is the first Tuesday of the month, I thought I would (gently) point out that it is now 1 year and 5 months to the General Election in 2010.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 folks.

Food for thought. If you think we need more spelled out in the Maryland Constitution than is already there (or is not there at all) about:

Primary Language, Marriage issues, 2 Amendment issues (Shall Carry), Budget transparency, Recall, Term Limits, Abortion rights, Revenue caps, and on and on …

Then you should strongly consider voting YES on the question to have a Constitutional Convention.