UPDATED: Speed Cameras

Governor O’Malley is claimed to have said, “The law isn’t designed to catch speeders or be a cash grab, it’s meant to get drivers to slow down.”

Then why, according to Delegate Bill Frank, is Baltimore City writing into its next fiscal year budget – revenues from such cameras?????

Update: News video from the Baltimore City Council meeting on this topic indicated that, should speed cameras be placed ‘only’ within one-half mile of schools and work zones that this would cover at least 80% of Baltimore. At least one council member found this to be unacceptable. The same argument FOR the cameras was quoted as it was heard from Gov. O’Malley (above) not that long ago.
Still, no one is being honest about the attempt at a “cash grab” from motorists to a city with budget problems. They think we don’t get it.
You DO get it, don’t you?


UPDATED*3: Knock Knock – No No

Remember this story? About Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo and his family? His two dogs being shot and killed by the police?

Well, apparently there has been resolution in this case just recently.
Chances are no one is going to like it.

This isn’t just a problem here. It is nationwide.

Short history:
Atlanta, GA November 2006 – Kathryn Johnston killed in a botched no-knock raid
Howard County, MD January 2009 – Mike Hasenei’s home, Australian cattle dog killed, cops found nothing

Just to name a couple.
I would think laws need to address this properly. As it stands, cops make a mistake like this, they don’t pay, the innocent victim does.

Update: The Mayor intends to respond to this latest review by the Sheriff’s Internal Affairs Division.

Update*2: Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo announced Monday that he is filing a lawsuit against Prince George’s County authorities.

Update*3:  SWAT Gone Wild in Maryland. The author of this article also has chronicled similar instances of no knock raids throughout the USA. If you aren’t aware of what the SWAT teams are doing and have done here in Maryland, read Radley Balko’s piece.