New Taxes?

It appears that a Montgomery County state senator plans to re-introduce a bill to collect internet sales taxes from outfits such as

Be sure to read the very last line in the article.

Think Maryland is business friendly? Or just wants to spend more?

UPDATED*2: Expense is EZ

Today is the day (That was July 1st.)

MTA starts charging customers a monthly fee of $1.50, $40 for replacement transponders if lost or broken, and a $25 deposit for new customers.

If you have a toll violation – that administrative fee goes up from $15 to $25.

Wow. Don’t speed through the toll booths now.

Update: According to Fox 45’s Jeff Abell, in the past two weeks 11,000 subscribers have dropped their subscriptions. Yet, the Authority claims they have more subscribers than they ever had.

But, didn’t they say before that they were instituting these new fees because they were losing toll revenues?

And guess who doesn’t pay tolls? All elected officials apparently get their transponders for free and pay nothing in the way of tolls. So what pot of money does pay for these instances??

Say what? Just how is the Authority losing revenues? Explain this again?? Sheesh.

We knew it. Here’s the results of July’s accounts.


Wrongful Termination???

What’s this? Politics affecting the Public Defender’s job?

This is very, very bad.

I hope Nancy Forster is being fair and accurate, if so – there is something very, very wrong going on concerning JUSTICE! Or, is there going to be any Justice??

Mini-Tort Reform

As a consequence of the recent healthcare controversy, where we argue most strongly for Tort Reform, each state can do its part as well right now.

In my view, the first part to consider can actually be done right here in the General Assembly right now. And that is to make a consistent “Loser Pays” condition for all suits brought before the Court.

This should reduce frivolous lawsuits, while at the same time not impacting the legal profession so significantly that they wouldn’t want to pass stronger legislation against their practice. At least I think so.

This should go a long way towards keeping our services, and products, pricing from rising so fast to keep us from a never ending inflationary spiral of costs.

Anyone want to rebut that?

DNA Testing Takes Too Long

Baltimore prosecutors dropped charges against a suspect that was caught last year (May/June 2008) and had been in jail since then until being released this last July (according to 45 Fox News).

This was because it took so long for the DNA test results to verify that the suspect’s DNA did NOT match that of the perpetrator of the crime!

According to Margaret Burns of the City Prosecutor’s Office there simply isn’t enough lab staff, and criminal analysts, to do the DNA testing on a timely basis. So there has been a request of stimulus money to help alleviate this problem.

So, the “suspect” that is now free – does he have a case to take the City to court? How about his year long incarceration? Our tax money supported him there, right?

Seems there is quite a problem with money in the City, and it is getting worse with a case such as this.

Can we make it 19?

According to someone else – –
“The 18 states allowing for recall os(sic) Senators are as follows: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.
Let’s roll. ”

Reminder: the General Election next year will have the question “Do you want to hold a Constitutional Convention?”

A simple, three letter answer will suffice.