UPDATED*2: Expense is EZ

Today is the day (That was July 1st.)

MTA starts charging customers a monthly fee of $1.50, $40 for replacement transponders if lost or broken, and a $25 deposit for new customers.

If you have a toll violation – that administrative fee goes up from $15 to $25.

Wow. Don’t speed through the toll booths now.

Update: According to Fox 45’s Jeff Abell, in the past two weeks 11,000 subscribers have dropped their subscriptions. Yet, the Authority claims they have more subscribers than they ever had.

But, didn’t they say before that they were instituting these new fees because they were losing toll revenues?

And guess who doesn’t pay tolls? All elected officials apparently get their transponders for free and pay nothing in the way of tolls. So what pot of money does pay for these instances??

Say what? Just how is the Authority losing revenues? Explain this again?? Sheesh.

We knew it. Here’s the results of July’s accounts.

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