March 9 Legislation To Be Heard

Please Contact Members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee!

On Tuesday, March 9, the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will hear two bills seeking to codify the “Castle Doctrine” principle into Maryland state law.

Senate Bill 386, sponsored by State Senator Nancy Jacobs (R-34), would provide civil immunity to a person who uses force, including deadly force, against someone who enters their dwelling or business with the intent to commit first, second or third degree burglary or a crime of violence.

Senate Bill 411, sponsored by State Senator Thomas Middleton (D-28), would provide immunity from damages when force, including deadly force, is reasonable under the circumstances to repel an attack.

Over the years the Chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, State Senator Brian Frosh (D-16) has consistently put these bills in his pocket, never to be brought up for a vote.

It is time for Senator Frosh to bring these bills up for a vote! Please contact the members of the Committee and respectfully urge them to support your right to self-defense and to bring these bills up for a vote.

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee:

State Senator Brian E. Frosh (D-16), Chair
(410) 841-3124, (301) 858-3124, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3124 (toll free)

State Senator Lisa A. Gladden (D-41), Vice Chair
(410) 841-3697, (301) 858-3697, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3697 (toll free)

State Senator Alexander X. Mooney (R-3)
(410) 841-3575, (301) 858-3575, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3575 (toll free)

State Senator Larry E. Haines (R-5)
(410) 841-3683, (301) 858-3683, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3683 (toll free)

State Senator Norman R. Stone, Jr. (D-6)
(410) 841-3587, (301) 858-3587, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3587 (toll free)

State Senator Jennie M. Forehand (D-17)
(410) 841-3134, (301) 858-3134, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3134 (toll free)

State Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20)
(410) 841-3634, (301) 858-3634, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3634 (toll free)

State Senator C. Anthony Muse (D-26)
(410) 841-3092, (301) 858-3092, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3092 (toll free)

State Senator Bryan W. Simonaire (R-31)
(410) 841-3658, (301) 858-3658, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3658 (toll free)

State Senator Nancy Jacobs (R-34)
(410) 841-3158, (301) 858-3158, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3158 (toll free)

State Senator James Brochin (D-42)
(410) 841-3648, (301) 858-3648, 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3648 (toll free)


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