Taxpayer Protection Act

This Bill will require 3/5ths Majority in General Assembly to Raise Taxes

Annapolis –This week, Senator Andy Harris (R-7) and Delegate Steve Schuh (R-31), with joint support from the Republican Caucuses in the State Senate and House of Delegates, introduced the “Taxpayer Protection Act”. The bill numbers are SB 747 and HB 684.

This exciting piece of legislation would require a 60% vote in each chamber to raise existing taxes or create new ones. It is important to note that the damaging tax increases passed during the 2007 Special Session did not receive such a majority. Had this legislation been in place, Maryland’s economy would be better off today.

“Once again, the Republicans in the Maryland General Assembly have shown their dedication and commitment to the hard-working taxpayers of Maryland,” stated Chairman Pelura. “Governor O’Malley is dangerously relying on bailout money from the federal government to balance his budget. When that dries up, he’ll be coming back to the taxpayers to demand more from them.”

Pelura continued, “I urge all Marylanders to call their state senators and delegates and tell them to support this legislation to stop Governor O’Malley and his Democrats allies in the General Assembly from taking any more of our hard-earned dollars.”

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