I am removing my prior anonymity as administrator of this site.

The reason I am doing this is to reinforce the position that I believe this year’s upcoming ballot issue, to have a Constitutional Convention for Maryland (or not), is an extremely important issue for all of the citizens of Maryland. Therefore, this is not a partisan issue.

I emphasize that this site’s main, and only, purpose is to educate the citizenry why this ballot question could be important to you all. I am not indicating that you should answer this question one way or the other. This is a personal decision that you should make.

As this question only appears once every twenty years on the General Election ballot, the thought occurs that our day to day efforts do not help us to remember what this issue means to us. Therefore, this site was created for your convenience.

Feel free to look around and read. If you have any questions, ask. If you think something should be added and/or clarified, let me know.

You will find my name on the Contact page.