The intent of this site is to enlighten Marylanders of a rare event – the Constitutional Convention for the State of Maryland.

Every 20 years, a unique and specific question is included on the voters ballot.  This question will appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot.

This question is put there to get “the sense of the People” in order to determine whether to have a Convention, or not.

If a voting majority vote YES on this question (which is indeed “the sense of the People”), then the legislature must proceed, at its next Session, to uphold the state constitution.

Specifically, addressing this Article XIV – Section 2, and set in motion the means to create, support and follow through with the Convention, its processes and its results.

The most important part of all this, to the People, is that any presented legislation to change or amend the existing Constitution, which may be adopted by the Convention, will be put on the ballot for the People to vote upon.

It is believed this is the tool, and the only time (every 20 years), that the People can use to actually bring about effective change in our State Government.

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