Vote Tallies

Involving the three Constitutional Amendment Questions so far:

Of those who voted For/Against the MD Constitutional Convention Question

Of those who voted For/Against raising the Trial By Jury Threshold ($10k to $15k)

Of those who voted For/Against the Judge for Baltimore City Orphans Court to be a member in good standing of the Maryland Bar
(Means not only MUST the Judge be a lawyer but also a Member of the Bar)

Point: Out of these three Ballot Questions, the ONLY ONE requiring a double majority for passage is the first one. Why not the other two?? Just asking. I think it is a pertinent question.


Early returns show promise for Constitutional Convention, other MD ballot Questions
Posted: 10:30 PM TUE, November 2, 2010
By Steve Lash
Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer

If early election results hold, Maryland will engage in a full scale review of the state’s constitution for the first time since 1967.

County Exec Says 10 percent Firefighter Cuts

In the Washington Examiner, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett said Tuesday about one in 10 county firefighters would lose his or her job if voters reject a new ambulance fee as put on the November ballot as a referendum issue. (That referendum to be on the ballot was court ordered, by the way.)

87 of them at risk of losing their jobs since there are 20 vacancies. Ironically, there is an argument that residents may reconsider dialing 911 if they expect to be charged a fee.

Well, I hate to say it, but everyone had better take a look at this. While it didn’t happen here in Maryland, someone had better ask – will it?

At what cost is it to deny such services, let alone play upon people’s fears? And how much of a loss should citizens suffer due to an arbitrary decision?

Particularly in this time-frame of irresponsible overspending and careless governmental budgeting?

California Stop Sign Cameras

So far, just there???

After assuming that only wild creatures would witness her car roll through a remote stop sign, Wilson was stunned weeks later to get four tickets in the mail totaling $700. A hidden camera had captured her infractions on video.

Get on your guard folks, other states are sure to follow.

Much to our dismay.

UPDATEx3: Arrested For Recording Police – In Public

Another Marylander Arrested for Recording the Police
According to state officials, only on-duty cops have a privacy right in public spaces.

Radley Balko | June 21, 2010


Oh? Really? This week you say?

Radley Balko | July 05, 2010

UPDATEx2: AG: Recording police likely not illegal in Md.
July 30, 2010 16:10 EDT

UPDATEx3: Harford Judge says conversation not private,
tosses charges.