Problem: When to say, “Enough is enough.”

Particularly when a criminal keeps being a criminal, being brought before a judge approximately 40 times, and his latest crime is the ultimate crime. Murder. Oh, and kidnapping.

32 year old Sherman Anderson, according to court records, hasĀ  a lengthy criminal history which includes more than 40 arrests. Time spent in jail was not more than a few months.

Some of his crimes were a drug charge, three attempted murders, five handgun charges. All dropped.

Margaret Burns, City State’s Attorney’s Office, says that many cases are dropped due to insufficient evidence. In other cases either witnesses could not be located or the identification witness is not available. But it did not sound like she was speaking these were the facts in this particular case.

For now, Anderson is held without bail.

We desperately need an answer to a very serious problem such as this.
Do we need a “3 Strikes Law”, or something like it?

It seems in this case, the latest murder could have been prevented – if Mr. Anderson would have been jailed right after the third attempted murder.

Now, I know what you are going to say – “There’s nothing here that says he was found guilty of these 3 attempted murder charges.”

True. Not said in this article nor in the Fox 45 report. Yet this does not mean we should avoid the issue of making sure a legal tool is in place for a possibility like this.

So why do we not have such a law? Or do we have one on the books? If so, has it ever been used? And if it hasn’t, why not?

Don’t answer that now, perhaps in 2010 we would have a chance to ensure that we HAVE such a law and make it work.