11 Years Until Constitutional Convention Question

The last one was in the 2010 Election Year. The next one is in 2030.

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Pertaining to the upcoming ballot question on asking you, the voters, if you believe the need for holding a Maryland Constitutional Convention.

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Again, issues that may be important to you to amend the constitution (because it doesn’t speak to these issues):

Recall an elected official (for cause) only 18 states have this
Define the primary language as English
Voter identification rules
Proof of state residence to acquire driver’s license
Marriage definition (man and woman)
Term limits

To name a few.

Your choice.



I am removing my prior anonymity as administrator of this site.

The reason I am doing this is to reinforce the position that I believe this year’s upcoming ballot issue, to have a Constitutional Convention for Maryland (or not), is an extremely important issue for all of the citizens of Maryland. Therefore, this is not a partisan issue.

I emphasize that this site’s main, and only, purpose is to educate the citizenry why this ballot question could be important to you all. I am not indicating that you should answer this question one way or the other. This is a personal decision that you should make.

As this question only appears once every twenty years on the General Election ballot, the thought occurs that our day to day efforts do not help us to remember what this issue means to us. Therefore, this site was created for your convenience.

Feel free to look around and read. If you have any questions, ask. If you think something should be added and/or clarified, let me know.

You will find my name on the Contact page.

Very Good Points

By Maryland Politics Watch on the topic of having a Constitutional Convention.

See if you agree and if the subject matter should be included here.

UPDATED*2: Expense is EZ

Today is the day (That was July 1st.)

MTA starts charging customers a monthly fee of $1.50, $40 for replacement transponders if lost or broken, and a $25 deposit for new customers.

If you have a toll violation – that administrative fee goes up from $15 to $25.

Wow. Don’t speed through the toll booths now.

Update: According to Fox 45’s Jeff Abell, in the past two weeks 11,000 subscribers have dropped their subscriptions. Yet, the Authority claims they have more subscribers than they ever had.

But, didn’t they say before that they were instituting these new fees because they were losing toll revenues?

And guess who doesn’t pay tolls? All elected officials apparently get their transponders for free and pay nothing in the way of tolls. So what pot of money does pay for these instances??

Say what? Just how is the Authority losing revenues? Explain this again?? Sheesh.

We knew it. Here’s the results of July’s accounts.

Money Back If Not Satisfied

Think that will be the case if your application is turned down?

Ask the Baltimore Fire Department.

Can you afford to lose $10 or $30? In this economy?