Why should I vote YES to hold this Convention?

  • To have the chance to bring about new legislation/laws that may be important to you and the people of Maryland.
  • NOTE: If you feel the need for such a convention, then you should be sure to vote on this question as it appears on the November ballot. The last, failed, attempt to hold a convention was due to a re-interpretation of “majority”. The analysis, at the time, held the majority to be of those that failed to mark the answer for that ballot question. Effectively, this meant that leaving that specific ballot question unanswered would be treated as a “No” response and counted along with those marked “No” responses. Refer to the History page as this “majority” point was established around 1950. Answering, or marking, this ballot question fully should remove all doubt, should there be a recount analysis on this issue.

What happens if a majority of the voters vote YES?

  • The General Assembly must, at their next Session – First Session in 2011, prepare to convene this Convention as per the existing Constitution, Article XIV, Section 2.

What role does the General Assembly play in the Convention?

  • The GA is to provide for assembling the Convention and providing for the election of the Delegates.

Who determines the Delegates?

  • The voters in the counties, and the Legislative district of Baltimore City.
  • The number of Delegates must equal the representation of the Senate and House.

Are these Delegates members of the General Assembly?

  • Not necessarily, although they can be. Others can become Delegates as well.

Who votes on proposed legislation brought about in the Convention?

  • The Maryland voters will vote to accept, or reject, the legislation placed on the ballot.
  • The Maryland General Assembly does not vote to accept, or reject, this legislation.
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