UPDATE: MD Assault Weapons Ban Introduced

UPDATE: This Bill has been WITHDRAWN.

Today State Senator Michael Lenett (D-19) introduced Senate Bill 516, a bill that would designate certain firearms as “assault weapons” and would prohibit the possession, transfer or receiving of these so called “assault weapons” by law-abiding Maryland residents. The bill has been assigned to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. It will be the responsibility of the Handgun Roster Board to compile and maintain a roster of such prohibited “assault weapons”.

Banning semi-automatic firearms, based solely upon their appearance, among honest, law-abiding residents in Maryland, SB 516 is nothing more than posturing by extreme anti-gun politicians looking to take away our Second Amendment rights every chance they get.

Please contact your State Senator TODAY and respectfully request that he or she oppose Senate Bill 516! For contact information please click here.